Mother’s Day and Single Moms

Today is my “2nd” Mother’s Day and for millions of moms out there, it’s a day of planned activities and appreciation by husbands and children everywhere.  However, in this modern era of  divorced, widowed, estranged, and simply single moms increasing exponentially since the 1950′s (From 1 in 20 to nearly 1 in 3, according to recent records), many mothers spend this day alone.

But, what if the unattached mom finds a new beau and is ready to include them on their special day?  Is this ‘allowed?’  Hmmm.  The answer is not as easy as the question.  There are many factors that go into this.  If you’re a mom and you want to start dating or include your new man this holiday, check out my article: A New Man for Mother’s Day? Give Yourself the Gift of Love Minus the Guilt.

I would like to thank Single Edition for featuring it this weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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