Catherine Behan- Attract Your SoulMate Now

Catherine Behan in Italy with husband|Photo courtesy of

Catherine Behan became a leading authority in the Laws of Attraction when she reluctantly divorced her husband after 30 years of marriage.  Happily single for the first time in years, it didn’t last long.  She learned to re-open her heart and found herself meeting her future soul mate and marrying him barefoot on the beach in Kauai.

Because her life went in a direction that she didn’t expect, Behan learned a few secrets along the way and is passing them along to you.  You can check out her website: Attract Your SoulMate Now.  She says if you give her 15 minutes of your time she can tell you why you’re lonely and how to change that aspect of your life.  If you’re one of many people out there looking for your soulmate, check out her Soul Mate Quiz and see whether she can find your perfect mate!

Behan also has a new radio show.  I had the honor of being her first guest and it was so much fun.  Feel free to listen to the interview at any time on Blog Post Radio.

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