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Writer’s Conferences: Summer 2010

As a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and a new writer, I’m struggling to learn two new jobs at once.  In these times of recession and renewal, writing has helped me de-stress after long days filled with, ‘No, you can’t play with Mommie’s blackberry’ and trying to sneak in much sought after naps in the afternoon.  Yet, I fear I still need to hone my passion into a better craft.  If you’re an aspiring scribe, or even a seasoned veteran who wants to freshen up, below are a few workshops and conferences that might pique your  interest:

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New York Book Week 2010

The New York Book Week is running from May 25-May 27, 2010.   Julie Spira will be the first of nine authors speaking in the, “Meet the Author” series beginning on the 25th at 1:00 pm  in the New Amsterdam Library.  She’ll be reading from her new book, ‘The Perils of Cyberdating,” a memoir that details her online dating stories and provides tips and advice for the reader.  After each reading from the author, there will be a book signing for the audience.

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Book Expo America NYC!

Photo courtesy of Book Expo America

NEW YORK CITY EVENT:  The Annual Book Expo America will be at the Jacob K. Javits Center Tuesday, May 25 through Thursday May 27, 2010.

You can expect Barbra Streisand to headline along with over 500 authors and 1500 exhibiters. For those interested in learning all there is to know about writing, books, or simply to share your reading passions, this is an event to consider.  For more on this years’ expo, please visit: BookExpoAmerica. If you’re ready to register, click here: REGISTRATION

Twitter Conference: Love in Less than 140?

I loved this article on SingleEdition so much that I couldn’t resist reposting it!  Since Loribizz staff were onsite for the 140 conference, that didn’t hurt our love of this piece either!

Last week thousands of individuals attended a the event at the 92 Second Street Y in New York City. The room was brimming with people and not every one of them was a social media connoisseur, due in part to the eclectic line-up of speakers who covered topics from food and news to yup, you guessed it, love and relationships.  We had the pleasure of listening to Andrea Syrtash, author of He’s Just Not Your Type (and That’s a Good Thing) as well as the CEO of, Tomas Miller. All this talk about dating in less than 140 characters got us thinking: is it possible to find love in twitter time?

If you are wondering where all the good guys are, apparently you can find them on Twitter, where they hold a 56% majority amongst users. And believe it or not, they seem to be becoming better communicators than women, at least in the social media world where, according to a recent survey conducted by Liberty Mutual, they are more likely to tweet on a regular basis than women.

Though 37 year old Alyssa has yet to find Mr. Right, she has created her own intimate dating pool by casting a broad net of followers, people who care about her commentary and brain blurps. “There really are single men out there” says Alyssa as she demystifies the myths for 35+ single women. “These smart and savvy guys are approaching me from every corner of the world.”

As we continue to witness with Facebook and iPhone, the success of one media platform breeds adjunct applications, and Twitter discovered it is no exception.  Already Philip Kaplan, founder of FuckedCompany and Adbrite, lauched Flirt 140, a free service which allows users to find potential matches on Twitter based on gender, geographic area and keyword. Though all boast the same benefits and functionality, there are plenty of microdating communities out there including Plenty of Tweeps, TwitDates and Radaroo. Given that the technology is fairly easy to implement, we predict that larger dating sites like will be next to launch dating tweet decks of their own.

And though art often imitates life, in the case of social media the real world often mimics the medium. Justin Parfitt, founder and CEO of, a Canadian-based dating service provider, launched “Flitter” singles events in Australia and is now introducing them to social media singles throughout North America.

Guests at the 140 conference who attended the tweet and greet session simply wore a white sticker with a number given to them upon entry and were able to send direct messages to any number of strangers who caught their eye and fancy from across the room, all via their mobile devices.

And like Alyssa you don’t have to be a tech geek to join in the fun. Just beware who you talk to and what you tweet about, because these days it seems everybody it watching!

IWWG Big Apple Conference

Here’s news about an upcoming conference for IWWG members.  It’s called, The Big Apple Conference and it’s being held on April 17th and 18th, 2010 at the National Arts Club in New York City.

At the conference you’ll will have a chance to learn about the art of Memoir, meet several authors and agents and gather information on how to publish your book.

Participants can attend the full 2 day conference or choose just a few classes.  The pricing ranges from $45-$220. For more information, please click here: Big Apple Conference Registration

If you’re ready to join the organization (which will enable you to receive a discount on the conference) you can find out more here: JOIN IWWG

The 140 Conference for Twitter

140 Conference in NYC

NEW YORK CITY:  There’s great news for those who are interested in learning more about Twitter.  The 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) is coming to town on April 20 and 21st at the 92nd Street Y.

The conference looks like a good opportunity to network and engage in conversation with others. The format includes: Individual talks, keynotes and panel discussions.  During the course of the two days more than 140 people will share the stage including digital media strategiests, Fortune 500 CEOs, News Anchors, and even high-profile guest speakers such as Donny Deutsch and Ivanka Trump. For a list of speakers: 140 Conference Speakers or to register click here: Registration