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Writer’s Conferences: Summer 2010

As a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and a new writer, I’m struggling to learn two new jobs at once.  In these times of recession and renewal, writing has helped me de-stress after long days filled with, ‘No, you can’t play with Mommie’s blackberry’ and trying to sneak in much sought after naps in the afternoon.  Yet, I fear I still need to hone my passion into a better craft.  If you’re an aspiring scribe, or even a seasoned veteran who wants to freshen up, below are a few workshops and conferences that might pique your  interest:

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IWWG Big Apple Conference

Here’s news about an upcoming conference for IWWG members.  It’s called, The Big Apple Conference and it’s being held on April 17th and 18th, 2010 at the National Arts Club in New York City.

At the conference you’ll will have a chance to learn about the art of Memoir, meet several authors and agents and gather information on how to publish your book.

Participants can attend the full 2 day conference or choose just a few classes.  The pricing ranges from $45-$220. For more information, please click here: Big Apple Conference Registration

If you’re ready to join the organization (which will enable you to receive a discount on the conference) you can find out more here: JOIN IWWG

The 140 Conference for Twitter

140 Conference in NYC

NEW YORK CITY:  There’s great news for those who are interested in learning more about Twitter.  The 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) is coming to town on April 20 and 21st at the 92nd Street Y.

The conference looks like a good opportunity to network and engage in conversation with others. The format includes: Individual talks, keynotes and panel discussions.  During the course of the two days more than 140 people will share the stage including digital media strategiests, Fortune 500 CEOs, News Anchors, and even high-profile guest speakers such as Donny Deutsch and Ivanka Trump. For a list of speakers: 140 Conference Speakers or to register click here: Registration

The International Womens Writing Guild (IWWG)

The International Womens Writing Guild

I just joined a writing association called The International Womens Writing Guild (IWWG). The organization is dedicated to nurturing and helping women writers.  It seems looks like a great way to network with like-minded peers and learn more about the craft.  If you’re a woman writer 18 and older, you may want to check out the organization.  Membership is $55.00 for one year and $110.00 for 2 years.