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Kutcher, Heigl team up in “Killers”

Ashton Kutcher (Spencer) and Katherine Heigl (Jen) team up to bring you an action-filled romantic comedy with a big twist on life as a seemingly happy suburban couple.  The movie, Killers premieres in Los Angeles today and opens in theatres, June 4th.

Spencer, an ex-government-hired super assassin trades his career for domestic bliss when he meets Jen, a computer tech.  But, three years into their marriage Spencer becomes the target of a multi-million dollar hit that has the couple running for their lives.  This deep dark secret life has the couple headed for divorce court as they dodge bullets trying to figure out who’s behind the plot to kill him.  Be ready to be entertained with some wackiness that only these two actors could pull off. 

Does your secret lover have a deep dark secret past?  Maybe they’re in trouble with the law or have people after them.  While the chances of running for your lives are remote, you may wish to demand full disclosure before settling down.  You never know if something is buried underneath their sweet exterior.  Being open and honest (and a little digging) can help prevent these surprises from happening to you.

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Eat, Pray, Love

The talented Julia Roberts stars in the new movie, Eat, Pray, Love , as a modern wife who is missing something deep inside her soul so she chooses to make drastic changes by divorcing her husband, and taking a yearlong, life-altering journey.  She stops in Italy first, where she finds an ethereal joy in the art of eating.  She then travels to India, where she studies with yogis at an ashram, finding strength with prayer as well as gaining an inner tranquility.  Finally, she heads to Bali, where she meets her true love.   In the movie, her lover David, is played by James Franco, who is also known for ‘Spiderman 2’ and ‘Pineapple Express,’ (which he also wrote and directed.)

As most people know, the film is an adaptation of the best-selling memoir Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia written by Elizabeth Gilbert.

As a woman who went through her own life transformation at the age of 38 and also ended up falling in love at the end, I’ve always felt connected to this story.  The advantage is that I found myself without traveling all over the world.   So for those who are still looking, please know that traveling the globe makes for a good book and movie, but the reality is that it is possible to do this without leaving home.

Sex and the City off to Abu Dhabi

Alright, you may or may not be willing to admit this, but you loved the first Sex and the City movie, and are now eagerly anticipating the sequel which is set to be released on May 27, 2010.  To view an enticingly teasing trailer:  It follows your four favorite NYC Singles – Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte make a getaway to Abu Dhabi where camels, cocktails and an old crushes collide.

Does your single life emulate any of the characters in the series/movie?  Each of the characters has their own style and flair, but they share one thing in common.  They’re single and lonely.  It’s tempting to try to fit yourself in their shoes, if you can afford them.  Remember that Hollywood is paid to make it look good.  If you are part of a growing population that would rather take dating advice from movies, consider, that in doing so, you are preventing yourself from meeting your soul-mate because you chose to glam up and head to the opening of a hot new nightclub instead of your best friend’s barbecue. If you’re not sure how to get started on your real life romance, here are some suggestions:

  • Travel to your Hometown: Instead of flying to jet set locations in hopes of meeting a shallow fling, head home to where the heart is.  Low key vacations gives you a chance to meet new people in your native city and are more likely to spark long term, meaningful romance
  • Nerds are a girl’s best friend: Not all men are created equal. Braniacs offer more stability in a relationship versus multiple one night stands w hot guys, so set your bar higher and search for the intellectuals in your crowd.
  • Take a Class:  Believe it or not, simply taking a class on your latest passion offers you a wider dating selection than even online dating.  Here, you put yourself into a scene where you are surrounded by people that share your interest.  Striking up a conversation could lead to coffee, lunch, or a full blown relationship. For more information on connecting in class, read my article, How to Connect in Continuing Education.

Life can often be troubling and full of unimaginable challenges, but you can work through them, one step at a time.  Consider your options within your own life before taking tips from the movies alone for they are usually filled with embellishing traits to make it a better movie.

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