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Lori is a relationship expert, writer and the executive editor and founder of  Before launching, she combined her passion for writing with self-expression, and dug deep into her past to tell her most profound stories.  She has written revealing personal essays using the insights from her experiences and shared those moments with her readers.  Lori has written about everything from felony-related identify theft, to being engaged in nine weeks and growing up in a rural town of 3,000.

newsday No Telling When Identity Theft Will Reappear 

It’s Not the Destination; it’s the Journey (Reflection of a ski trip) 

Breaking Up (Short Stories)

What’s Your Greatest Fear?

The Reason Why We Dress the Way We Do

The Other Woman: Perceptions vs Realities

Living with Chronic Pain

Reminiscing about the Place Where We Grew Up

“I teach an “instant gratification takes too long” essay writing class.  Lori wrote a fabulous piece that she ended up selling to Newsday in five weeks.”

Susan Shapiro, Author Speed Shrinking and Five Men Who Broke My Heart